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    • nouCBS All Access and its exclusive shows are now available in Canada
      CBS' subscription on-demand streaming service is now available in Canada. It's the first launch of CBS All Access outside of the US and it will give Canadian residents access to new episodes of current shows seven days after they air, past seasons of…
      - 17 mins ago 23 Apr 18, 8:47pm -
    • nouUber drivers will no longer see exact location history for riders
      Uber has been improving both driver and passenger safety with new features -- or, in its latest move, by modifying existing settings. As part of a new pilot program, the company will soon start obscuring the log of rider pickup and drop-off locations…
      - 33 mins ago 23 Apr 18, 8:31pm -
    • nouJohns Hopkins performs the first total penis and scrotum transplant
      The first US penis transplant was successfully performed in 2016. Last year, a uterus transplant recipient gave birth for the first time in the US, too. Now, doctors at Johns Hopkins University have successfully transplanted an entire penis and scrot…
      - 53 mins ago 23 Apr 18, 8:11pm -
    • nouEU launches anti-trust investigation into Appleā€™s purchase of Shazam
      Late last year, Apple announced that it would be acquiring Shazam. Due to the size of the deal, Apple didn't have to get clearance from the European Commission (EC) itself, as it would have had to do if the proposed acquisition had been larger. But i…
      - 1 hour ago 23 Apr 18, 7:47pm -
    • nouCourt blocks Trump's delay of fuel efficiency penalties
      The Trump administration's efforts to undo car efficiency guidelines just hit a major obstacle. A federal court has blocked a White House attempt to delay the implementation of a rule toughening penalties for automakers that don't meet national fuel.…
      - 2 hours ago 23 Apr 18, 7:27pm -
    • nouWhy is a celebrity personal finance guru suing Facebook?
      Martin Lewis is a British journalist, TV presenter and Ralph Nader-esque campaigner who has announced that he will sue Facebook for defamation. The consumer champion has seen his face co-opted by nefarious types who use his name (and brand) to sell c…
      - 2 hours ago 23 Apr 18, 7:00pm -

    • nouMSI Vortex W25 carries plenty of innovations
      When it comes to laptops, there are basically three different categories from which one is able to pick from: the regular laptop, the gaming laptop, and the workstation range. MSI has a hand in all three genres, and this time around, the company has…
      - 23 hours ago 22 Apr 18, 10:00pm -
    • BeActiv E300 wireless earphones
      Everyone likes to live as efficiently as possible, and we humans are always on the lookout on the next big thing when it comes to being a more efficient lifestyle. Many of our appliances are already energy efficient, and so are our vehicles, so why n…
      - 3 days ago 20 Apr 18, 10:00pm -
    • Casio WSD-F20A outdoor smart watch
      When it comes to watches, Casio is one of the hugely popular brand names out there. After all, Casio timepieces have always been known to be reliable in nature, and the G-Shock series which is now more than three decades old, continues to win fans ov…
      - 4 days ago 19 Apr 18, 10:00pm -
    • Royole Moon 3D Mobile Theater is the perfect portable entertainment device
      Getting entertained while you are on the go is something that many of us take for granted today with our smartphones, as we keep ourselves occupied through games and movies, or perhaps having non-stop chats with friends over social media. Well, there…
      - 5 days ago 18 Apr 18, 10:00pm -
    • Airwheel SR3 suitcase will follow you wherever you go
      Have you ever lost your suitcase before among a sea of passengers or people when you travel? After all, there are only so many different kinds of designs in which luggages come in, and many a time we would have had to tie a bright colored string arou…
      - 6 days ago 17 Apr 18, 10:00pm -
    • Tivoli Audio reveals limited edition Bluetooth speakers for the summer
      When it comes to audio products, especially portable Bluetooth speakers, there are many different kinds of models to choose from, so much so that it could end up as an extremely complicated choice. Tivoli Audio has had experience rolling out quality…
      - 7 days ago 16 Apr 18, 10:00pm -

    • Medium-Rare: Steak Button
      There's something about the perfectly cooked steak that can make an impact on one's tastebuds. And when grilling these steaks to perfection for you and your guests, you're probably also busy with setting the table, taking drink orders, and, of course…
      - 14 Apr 11, 12:30pm -
    • I Know Where You Are: Garmin Tracker
      We like the ability to track things... although our ability to "track" anything is pretty much limited to following packages from UPS and FedEx as they pit stop along their way to their final destination, tracking our iPhone in case we ever lose it i…
      - 28 Feb 11, 2:42pm -
    • Phonograph Inspired: Arkcanary II Acoustic iPhone Speaker
      We like when we're able to marry our high-tech gadgets with some low-tech (or should we say no-tech) accessories in an effort to produce an elegant solution to existing limitations. So when we came across the Arkcanary II Acoustic iPhone Speaker on K…
      - 14 Feb 11, 5:16pm -
    • Movies On The Go: MicroVision SHOWWX+ Laser Pico Projector
      We definitely like the ability to watch movies on the go, and having our iPhone with us at all times, definitely makes that possible. But when it comes to watching these movies, size definitely does matter, and if we had the option for a bigger scree…
      - 7 Feb 11, 10:44pm -
    • With A Simple Touch: Sony Bloggie Touch
      We like simplicity just as much as, well, anyone, so when it comes to the world of recording HD video, Sony has stepped up its game with the new Sony Bloggie Touch. Capable of recording full 1080p video and taking 12.8 Megapixel photos (even whil…
      - 1 Feb 11, 11:36pm -
    • Let It Snow: Snowdozer
      With January comes new resolutions, lots of football, and if you live in the Midwest, tons of snow. And some of us who are fortunate enough to live in a major city, are also unfortunate enough not to have a garage or a covered parking spot for our mo…
      - 27 Jan 11, 10:55am -

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