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    • nouUber uses AI to determine if your trips are for business or pleasure
      If you rely on ridesharing for work trips, you might have experienced that moment of panic where you accidentally expensed a personal trip to your business account, or paid from your own funds to get to the airport for a company flight. Uber thinks.…
      - 25 mins ago 13 Aug 18, 8:42pm -
    • nouWhat we're playing: 'Dead Cells'
      You know the drill: Last year's PC indie sleeper gets new life with a Switch release. Motion Twin's Dead Cells is one of these. It's been out for a year on Steam Early Access, but properly arrived last week on all platforms, including Nintendo's hybr…
      - 1 hour ago 13 Aug 18, 8:00pm -
    • nouVolkswagen kicks off EV awareness campaign
      Volkswagen's Electrify America subsidiary has put out a commercial that aims to spread awareness of electric vehicles and how far the industry has progressed, Reuters reports. The ad is part of a $45 million public education initiative. "We're trying…
      - 1 hour ago 13 Aug 18, 7:42pm -
    • nouNetflix’s CFO for the last eight years is stepping down
      Netflix is undergoing some changes at the top of the company, as Chief Financial Officer David Wells plans to leave after helping to find his successor. He's held the role since 2010 and has been with Netflix since 2004. Wells plans to focus on phila…
      - 2 hours ago 13 Aug 18, 7:19pm -
    • nouThe nine headphones that made our back-to-school guide
      So you're headed off to college in the fall. What are you going to use to help you focus when you're on deadline? To tune out the rowdy partiers down the hall? Whether you need a pair of earbuds, a set of sound-cancelling cans or just a pair of budge…
      - 2 hours ago 13 Aug 18, 7:00pm -
    • nouSecurity flaws could open body cameras up to hacks
      At Def Con this weekend, Josh Mitchell, a cybersecurity consultant with Nuix, showed how various models of body cameras can be hacked, tracked and manipulated. Mitchell looked at devices produced by five companies -- Vievu, Patrol Eyes, Fire Cam, Dig…
      - 2 hours ago 13 Aug 18, 6:44pm -

    • nouRazer Panthera Evo arcade stick offers a precise gaming experience
      When it comes to gaming peripherals, there are very few names out there that stand out like Razer. Razer has been in the business for so many years, churning out one hit after another, so much so that their gaming hardware have proven to excel time a…
      - 23 hours ago 12 Aug 18, 10:00pm -
    • Meizu 16th flagship smartphone announced
      Meizu of China has certainly matured over the years, and their latest offering arrives in the form of the Meizu 16th smartphone. This will be their all-new flagship device, bringing a whole slew of features while making sure that it does not come wit…
      - 2 days ago 11 Aug 18, 10:00pm -
    • X1 Watch offers versatility in a smartwatch at an affordable price
      Owning a watch does not seem to be enough these days, as a smartwatch happens to be the preferred alternative for road warriors as well as those who are on the move and would like to remain connected at all times, all without having to refer to their…
      - 4 days ago 9 Aug 18, 10:00pm -
    • BW Space underwater drone breaks new ground
      The drone fever might have more or less settled down to a certain degree, but for many of us, we would think of drones being propeller-powered pieces of hardware that take to the skies while capturing amazing looking scenes from above. Have you ever…
      - 5 days ago 8 Aug 18, 10:00pm -
    • izzbie ONE private VPN is so simple to use
      Many of us rely on at least one VPN these days when it comes to surfing the Internet simply because we would like to ensure that there is a degree of security in our online dealings. Well, if you would like to tote around a private VPN, here is the i…
      - 6 days ago 7 Aug 18, 10:00pm -
    • Coolingstyle personal air conditioner unit
      It can get rather hot in the summer, and for those who happen to live in an area where one experiences a tropical weather all year around, there is a need to find cooling relief often. This is one of the reasons why malls are hugely popular in swelte…
      - 7 days ago 6 Aug 18, 10:00pm -

    • Medium-Rare: Steak Button
      There's something about the perfectly cooked steak that can make an impact on one's tastebuds. And when grilling these steaks to perfection for you and your guests, you're probably also busy with setting the table, taking drink orders, and, of course…
      - 14 Apr 11, 12:30pm -
    • I Know Where You Are: Garmin Tracker
      We like the ability to track things... although our ability to "track" anything is pretty much limited to following packages from UPS and FedEx as they pit stop along their way to their final destination, tracking our iPhone in case we ever lose it i…
      - 28 Feb 11, 2:42pm -
    • Phonograph Inspired: Arkcanary II Acoustic iPhone Speaker
      We like when we're able to marry our high-tech gadgets with some low-tech (or should we say no-tech) accessories in an effort to produce an elegant solution to existing limitations. So when we came across the Arkcanary II Acoustic iPhone Speaker on K…
      - 14 Feb 11, 5:16pm -
    • Movies On The Go: MicroVision SHOWWX+ Laser Pico Projector
      We definitely like the ability to watch movies on the go, and having our iPhone with us at all times, definitely makes that possible. But when it comes to watching these movies, size definitely does matter, and if we had the option for a bigger scree…
      - 7 Feb 11, 10:44pm -
    • With A Simple Touch: Sony Bloggie Touch
      We like simplicity just as much as, well, anyone, so when it comes to the world of recording HD video, Sony has stepped up its game with the new Sony Bloggie Touch. Capable of recording full 1080p video and taking 12.8 Megapixel photos (even whil…
      - 1 Feb 11, 11:36pm -
    • Let It Snow: Snowdozer
      With January comes new resolutions, lots of football, and if you live in the Midwest, tons of snow. And some of us who are fortunate enough to live in a major city, are also unfortunate enough not to have a garage or a covered parking spot for our mo…
      - 27 Jan 11, 10:55am -

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