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- 3 Jun 15, 9:27pm -

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    • nouA Stephen Hawking musical tribute was beamed directly at a black hole
      The European Space Agency had its own special way of marking a memorial service for astrophysicist Professor Stephen Hawking. At the same time his ashes were interred at Westminster Abbey in London, the ESA beamed music featuring Hawking's famously s…
      - 32 mins ago 16 Jun 18, 8:31pm -
    • nouVideo referee technology influences its first World Cup goal
      When FIFA greenlit the use of video assistant referees at the 2018 World Cup, there was one overriding question: how long would it take before the technology shaped an important call? Not long at all, apparently. Two days into the group stage, offi…
      - 2 hours ago 16 Jun 18, 6:59pm -
    • nouRIP, 'Pro Evolution Soccer'
      I have a mild obsession with FIFA video games, largely because I like playing with official teams and players rather than fictional ones. But, I always gave Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) a chance. Two years ago, I even wrote that Konami's title was actu…
      - 4 hours ago 16 Jun 18, 5:30pm -
    • nouAsk Engadget: Should I switch to a Chromebook?
      The support shared among readers in the comments section is one of the things we love most about the Engadget community. Over the years, we've known you to offer sage advice on everything from Chromecasts and cameras to drones and smartphones. In fac…
      - 5 hours ago 16 Jun 18, 4:00pm -
    • nouThe Morning After: Weekend Edition
      Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.Welcome to the weekend. E3 has ended, and now is the perfect time to go back through all of our highlights from the last week to make sure you didn't miss anything. Also, we have an interesting new rumor about M…
      - 5 hours ago 16 Jun 18, 3:35pm -
    • nouExpect AT&T's 'WarnerMedia' to expand HBO's budget
      Now that Time Warner is officially a part of AT&T, it's getting a new game. Unveiled in an internal memo, brands like HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. will call WarnerMedia home. We're not in love with the name either, but as-is, you will probably in…
      - 7 hours ago 16 Jun 18, 1:57pm -

    • nouCasio brings connected G-Shock MT-G timepieces to the fore
      When it comes to tough watches that are extremely functional with great design behind it, you would be hard pressed to find any other company apart from Casio to roll such beauties out. This time around, Casio has just announced the on-sale date of i…
      - 23 hours ago 15 Jun 18, 10:00pm -
    • KiiPix instant picture printer
      The primary camera that we use these days to capture our favorite memories wherever we go would be the smartphone camera. However, when it comes to archiving all of those snapped photos, not too many of us have the habit of constantly transferring an…
      - 2 days ago 14 Jun 18, 4:00pm -
    • Razer set to release Dragon Ball FighterZ Fighting Sticks for consoles
      When it comes to gaming peripherals, there are very few people who do it better than the folks over at Razer. Long been deemed to be the gold standard in gaming devices, the company will focus on consoles this time around with the Dragon Ball Fighter…
      - 2 days ago 14 Jun 18, 3:00pm -
    • Transparent OLED concept from LG looks stunning
      LG is proud to be the leader in OLED commercial display technology, having already revealed the world’s largest OLED display last year. This time around, the South Korean company has not rested on its laurels, having introduced all new commercial O…
      - 4 days ago 12 Jun 18, 10:00pm -
    • PanoClip makes 360 photo-taking a snap
      Taking a panoramic shot of anything is always a novelty for me, perhaps due to the fact that I grew up on 4R prints. There is something magical about panoramic shots, they simply convey a sense of space and majesty, especially when it concerns a brea…
      - 5 days ago 11 Jun 18, 10:00pm -
    • V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition released
      V-Moda has always been synonymous with top notch high-fidelity audio devices, and the company has just announced the release of its brand new Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition headphones. It does not matter whether you are a general consumer or a de…
      - 6 days ago 10 Jun 18, 10:00pm -

    • Medium-Rare: Steak Button
      There's something about the perfectly cooked steak that can make an impact on one's tastebuds. And when grilling these steaks to perfection for you and your guests, you're probably also busy with setting the table, taking drink orders, and, of course…
      - 14 Apr 11, 12:30pm -
    • I Know Where You Are: Garmin Tracker
      We like the ability to track things... although our ability to "track" anything is pretty much limited to following packages from UPS and FedEx as they pit stop along their way to their final destination, tracking our iPhone in case we ever lose it i…
      - 28 Feb 11, 2:42pm -
    • Phonograph Inspired: Arkcanary II Acoustic iPhone Speaker
      We like when we're able to marry our high-tech gadgets with some low-tech (or should we say no-tech) accessories in an effort to produce an elegant solution to existing limitations. So when we came across the Arkcanary II Acoustic iPhone Speaker on K…
      - 14 Feb 11, 5:16pm -
    • Movies On The Go: MicroVision SHOWWX+ Laser Pico Projector
      We definitely like the ability to watch movies on the go, and having our iPhone with us at all times, definitely makes that possible. But when it comes to watching these movies, size definitely does matter, and if we had the option for a bigger scree…
      - 7 Feb 11, 10:44pm -
    • With A Simple Touch: Sony Bloggie Touch
      We like simplicity just as much as, well, anyone, so when it comes to the world of recording HD video, Sony has stepped up its game with the new Sony Bloggie Touch. Capable of recording full 1080p video and taking 12.8 Megapixel photos (even whil…
      - 1 Feb 11, 11:36pm -
    • Let It Snow: Snowdozer
      With January comes new resolutions, lots of football, and if you live in the Midwest, tons of snow. And some of us who are fortunate enough to live in a major city, are also unfortunate enough not to have a garage or a covered parking spot for our mo…
      - 27 Jan 11, 10:55am -

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