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  • nouLaunch Trailer pentru Destiny 2 PC
    Bungie va aduce Destiny 2 și pe PC, ceva ce nu s-a întâmplat cu primul joc. Versiunea PC a mult așteptatului titlu FPS cu influențe MMO este prezentată în Launch Trailer, dezvăluit astăzi. Jucătorii PC se vor bucura de suport 4K și 21:9,…
    - 9 mins ago 16 Oct 17, 9:27pm -
  • nouPetroglyph anunță Forged Battalion
    Fanii cu experiență ai jocurilor RTS probabil își vor aduce aminte de seria Earth 2140-2160, nu neapărat datorită calității sale, ci pentru posibilitatea de a crea propriile unități. De-a lungul timpului, mai multe jocuri, printre care D…
    - 32 mins ago 16 Oct 17, 9:04pm -
  • nouNou Trailer pentru Resident Evil 7: End of Zoe și Not a Hero
    Capcom prezintă un trailer unificat pentru cele două DLC-uri care vor sosi în Resident Evil 7 pe 12 decembrie. Primul este End of Zoe, inclus în Season Pass, dar disponibil și separat pentru 15€. Povestea o urmărește pe Zoe, după despărți…
    - 50 mins ago 16 Oct 17, 8:46pm -
  • nouLaunch Trailer pentru ELEX
    Piranha Bytes încearcă să ajungă la gloria de altă-dată, când scria istorie cu primele două jocuri Gothic, prin ELEX, din 17 octombrie pe PC, PlayStation 4 și Xbox One. ELEX este un third person RPG open world cu accent pe facțiuni rivale,…
    - 2 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 7:53pm -

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    • Bloodborne story trailer is typically moody
      PS4 exclusive due out on March 24. Bloodborne is just over a month away from launch and Sony has released a new Story trailer to whet your appetite for the ball-busting adventure from the makers of Dark Souls.Click here to read the full article
      - 21 Feb 15, 3:30am -
    • Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae gameplay video
      Over 40 minutes of new gameplay footage. Square Enix recently showed off the Final Fantasy 15 demo, Episode Duscae, in a live online stream for Japan, and below is a capture of the event.Click here to read the full article
      - 21 Feb 15, 2:28am -
    • Aganos arrives in Killer Instinct next week - trailer
      The last Season 2 character joins the fight. Aganos will become the latest character to join the Killer Instinct roster when he arrives next week.Click here to read the full article
      - 21 Feb 15, 1:41am -
    • The Order: 1886 - see the first 25 minutes
      And a launch trailer for good measure. The Order: 1886 released today, February 20, and if you're still on the fence we have two gameplay videos for you to check out.Click here to read the full article
      - 21 Feb 15, 12:46am -


    • Another Star Citizen: Squadron 42 Delay?
      Almost exactly a year ago Cloud Imperium announced Squadron 42, one half of the Star Citizen project, was delayed until this year. Now a new Roberts Space Industries newsletter lays out the...
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    • The Witcher Turning 10
      The Witcher was first released on October 26, 2007, so the tenth anniversary of CD Projekt RED's RPG series is coming up next week. So happy birthday to Geralt of Rivia. CD Projekt cohorts
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    • CD Projekt RED on Cyberpunk 2077 Progress and Employee Dissent
      Speaking of CD Projekt RED, the company tweets a response to negative comments made on sites like Glassdoor from alleged ex-employees (thanks DSOGaming). Here's part of their statement: This approach...
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    • Call of Duty: WWII Live-Action Trailer
      A new trailer titled "Reassemble" promotes the upcoming release of Call of Duty: WWII with a live-action skit, because what I really want to do is direct! The clip plays off the fact that the...
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    • Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Officially Goes Free-To-Play
      It looked very much like Naughty Dog was going to serve up Uncharted 3's multiplayer for the free-to-play crowd earlier this week, and now we can call it official. Multiplayer content in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has been carved out into its own…
      - 27 Feb 13, 8:00pm -
    • Gears Of War: Judgment Season Pass Detailed
      Gears of War: Judgment arrives on March 19, 2013 with a Season Pass in tow. Surprise! (try to act surprised) The "VIP Season Pass" will be available at launch for 1,600 MS Points (which translates to $20 in real life money), and it includes a number…
      - 27 Feb 13, 4:00pm -
    • The Walking Dead Will Continue Before Season Two Arrives
      It the wait for Telltale Games' second season of The Walking Dead is already feeling a little unbearable, then you'll be happy to hear that more is coming before the story proper picks up again. Story consultant Gary Whitta said as much in a recent c…
      - 26 Feb 13, 10:00pm -
    • Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC Detailed, Trailer Released
      The final multiplayer DLC pack for Mass Effect 3, called Reckoning, arrives today, February 26, 2013, and a new trailer is here to celebrate the occasion. BioWare livestreamed a look at the content a few days in advance of the release, and one NeoGAF…
      - 26 Feb 13, 8:00pm -
    • Need For Speed: Most Wanted DLC Launches Today
      If you're still playing Criterion Games' Need for Speed: Most Wanted and you love DLC, then today is going to be your FAVORITE. Electronic Arts just dropped three content packs on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, amounting to a pair of car five-pac…
      - 26 Feb 13, 6:00pm -
    • Tomb Raider Reviewed By Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer
      Conan O'Brien's latest Clueless Gamer review for Tomb Raider might have just single-handedly set back the "sexism in games" conversation by 20 years. Watch the entire segment as if it's satire (since it is) and it hurts a little bit less. Conan seem…
      - 26 Feb 13, 3:55pm -


    • How We Soar – review
      Flight, thoughts and human experiences of the heart are presented in the colorful VR abstraction of How We Soar. This PlayStation VR exclusive from Penny Black Studios puts players on the back of a phoenix, sent off to travel through worlds from air,…
      - 7 Dec 16, 2:03pm -
    • Competitive robot combat gets a little more real with MekaMon AR game
      We’ve come a long way since the days of Atari 2600’s Combat! Competitive remote control robot combat gets amped with augmented reality in the new MekaMon experience. It’s videogaming meets remote control robots. After over three years of develo…
      - 26 Nov 16, 8:25pm -
    • 2016 Holiday Video Game Gift Guide
      It’s about that time to wrap up another year of gaming – and tear up the gaming goodness! Whichever platform you get your gaming fix from, 2016 delivers many new options. Now is the time to grab some great video game system bundles, amazing break…
      - 21 Nov 16, 2:28pm -
    • Pokémon GO Plus review
      The Pokémon GO Plus is an accessory now available to accompany your Pokémon GO gaming. The small bluetooth device is simple to use, featuring just one color-changing button on the face. It pairs up with an iPhone or Android phone and the Pokémon…
      - 17 Sep 16, 8:18pm -
    • Livelock game review
      Livelock Official website: Developer: Tuque Games Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment Release date: August 30, 2016 Available for PS4, Xbox One and PC Reviewed on PC (Steam) Following a cataclysmic event, corrupted AI machinery ov…
      - 30 Aug 16, 8:27pm -
    • Bring HoloGrid: Monster Battle to life with newly launched Kickstarter campaign
      Once a dream of Star Wars fans, gamers and Wookies, playing with tabletop holographic animated monsters is finally getting real. Monster-chess augmented reality gaming is just about here with HoloGrid: Monster Battle. Thanks to veteran visionar…
      - 4 May 16, 12:37pm -

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    • nouSee what you’ll see at sea in Battlefield 1’s Turning Tides
      Battlefield 1 [official site] is off to sea sea sea in its next expansion, Turning Tides, so come see what you will see see see. EA today blasted more details on the DLC, explaining about flying airships over the Gallipoli peninsula, cruising the wav…
      - 35 mins ago 16 Oct 17, 9:01pm -
    • nouPetroglyph’s RTS Forged Battalion is full of custom units
      Petroglyph Games up to arcadey real-time strategy antics again, today announcing Forged Battalion [official site]. The upcoming RTS will let players heavily customise their units, kitting them out with different weapons and bits to fill different rol…
      - 1 hour ago 16 Oct 17, 8:08pm -
    • nouSteam charts: it’s the end of the world
      Wotcha gang. Your old chum Alice here for this week’s charts, as everyone else has been fired. Out of a cannon. Blown into a jillion little pieces. Hence the Apocalyptic yellow tone to the skies today. Hold your breath when outside, and hold your b…
      - 2 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 7:30pm -
    • nouWot I Think – South Park: The Fractured But Whole
      South Park: The Fractured But Whole [official site] is essentially the show’s greatest hits, with 20 years worth of call backs, characters and gags, all built around a LARP-inspired RPG that sees the town’s foul-mouthed kids beating the snot out…
      - 4 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 6:00pm -
    • nouHave you played… Next Car Game: Wreckfest?
      Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day of the year, perhaps for all time. There was a time, before even rudimentary physics, when a football in a football game felt like it was glued to the feet of your pla…
      - 4 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 5:30pm -
    • nouSlidekick through Quake with Qore
      My wishlist for first-person shooters is simple: A pump-action shotgun A revolver that’s longer than my forearm and chunkier than a fridge A slow but deadly and ch-chank-chik bolt-action rifle Skillful movement A grappling hook A slide move (ideall…
      - 4 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 5:23pm -

    • nouResident Evil 7's free Chris Redfield DLC is finally out in December
      Resident Evil 7's long-delayed - and free - Not a Hero DLC will finally reach PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 12th, along with the concluding season pass story episode End of Zoe. Both have been given a brand-new airing in Capcom's latest DLC video…
      - 2 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 7:54pm -
    • nouCD Projekt Red: "This approach to making games is not for everyone"
      Some recent team-leader level departures from Cyberpunk 2077 led to speculation there was trouble in paradise - and paradise began sounding worse and worse the more CD Projekt Red company reviews on employee feedback site Glassdoor I read.Evidently t…
      - 3 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 6:30pm -
    • nouUnofficial SNES cartridge-playing Super Nt unveiled
      Since its establishment back in 2011, Analogue, Inc. has focused on producing premium consoles designed to play classic games at the highest fidelity possible. Its first three consoles are well engineered machines housed in premium wood and aluminum…
      - 4 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 6:00pm -
    • nouHalo Wars 3 concept art reveals failed pitch
      Concept art for Halo Wars 3 has been released, revealing cancelled pitch material.Brad Wright, a senior concept artist at Creative Assembly, posted the artwork on ArtStation explaining the idea which was pitched and ultimately scrapped."Surprisingly…
      - 4 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 5:54pm -
    • nouDestiny 2's Monty Python emote pulled from sale
      Bungie has pulled Destiny 2's Monty Python emote from sale on the in-game microtransaction shop.The emote, named Bureaucratic Walk, is a replica of John Cleese's infamous footstep from the Pythons' Ministry of Silly Walks sketch.Why was it pulled? B…
      - 4 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 5:42pm -
    • nouDoom gets November release date for Nintendo Switch
      Developer id Software has announced demon-blasting shooter Doom will launch on Nintendo Switch on 10th November.Nintendo announced last month Doom would be coming to the Switch alongside another id Software IP - Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus. Doom…
      - 5 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 4:35pm -


    • nouPlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Blocks 322,000 Cheaters
      The new anti-cheating system installed in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been banning more than 6,000 suspected cheaters every day. An anonymous reader quotes PC Gamer:That's according to BattlEye, which polices the game's servers. Its official a…
      - 7 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 2:30pm -
    • Russia Reportedly Used Pokemon Go In an Effort To Inflame Racial Tensions
      An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Russia's far-ranging campaign to promote dissension in the United States reportedly included an effort to weaponize Pokemon Go. CNN reported that in July 2016, a Tumblr page linked to Russia's now-n…
      - 2 days ago 14 Oct 17, 4:00pm -
    • Third 'Nintendo World Championship' Ends With Three Unreleased Switch Game Levels
      An anonymous reader writes:The Nintendo World Championships wrapped up in Manhattan Saturday with two finalists competing on three as-yet-unreleased levels from the upcoming Nintendo Switch game Super Mario Odyssey. 16 contenders had been selected f…
      - 8 days ago 8 Oct 17, 2:44pm -
    • Intel's Just Launched 8th Gen 'Coffee Lake' Processors Bring the Heat To AMD's Ryzen
      bigwophh writes: The upheaval of the high-end desktop processor segment continues today with the official release of Intel's latest Coffee Lake-based 8th Generation Core processors. The flagship in the new lineup is the Core i7-8700K. It is a 6C/12T…
      - 11 days ago 6 Oct 17, 2:20am -
    • 'Tetris' Recreated In Conway's 'Game of Life'
      In 1970 mathematician John Conway created rules for the "Game of Life," a now famous "zero-player game" where a grid of cells evolves (following Conway's rules) from an initial state proposed by the player. In 2013 someone challenged readers of Stack…
      - 23 days ago 24 Sep 17, 2:29am -
    • This Guy Is Digitizing the VHS History of Video Games
      An anonymous reader shares a report: UK-based gaming journalist and blogger Chris Scullion is on a mission to preserve his collection -- and maybe your collection, too -- of these old video game VHS tapes. In the 80s and 90s, video game companies and…
      - 24 days ago 22 Sep 17, 8:20pm - - Tech Tips HelpViews:337492600ratingsTime:03:56More inHowto & Style
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    • nouFree Shiny Pokemon For Sun And Moon Available Soon
      The Charizard distribution for Pokemon Sun and Moon may have just ended, but players will have a chance to get another rare Pokemon very soon. Starting October 23, Sun and Moon players have a chance to add a rare shiny version of Silvally to their te…
      - 1 hour ago 16 Oct 17, 8:28pm -
    • nouResident Evil 7's Not A Hero, End Of Zoe DLC Further Detailed With New Trailer
      Two new DLC packs--one free and one premium--are on the way to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard in December with optional VR support. Capcom today revealed new details about both Not a Hero and End of Zoe expansions and shared a new trailer to tease what a…
      - 2 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 8:03pm -
    • nouSouth Park: The Fractured But Whole Review Roundup
      Ubisoft's second South Park game, South Park: The Fractured but Whole, is almost here. The irreverent RPG launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC tomorrow, October 17, and now reviews for it have started to appear online.Like its predecessor, Th…
      - 2 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 7:48pm -
    • nouBecoming a Hero in South Park The Fractured But Whole
      Join Erick and Rob as they try to become the greatest super hero to join the ranks of Coon and Friends in South Park: The Fractured But Whole.
      - 2 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 7:30pm -
    • nouLeatherface Review
      It would have been all too easy to completely and totally screw up a Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel, delivering something so terrible that it actually made the good films in the series worse by association. That's not what Leatherface is. Instead, i…
      - 3 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 7:00pm -
    • nouBattlefield 1: Turning Tides DLC Maps And Weapons Launch Soon On CTE
      Ahead of its imminent release on the Community Test Environment, DICE has provided a look at some new Battlefield 1 content. This comes from the game's next expansion, Turning Tides, and you can check it out in the video above.One of the major compon…
      - 3 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 7:00pm -


    • nou'Doom' arrives on Nintendo Switch November 10th
      Turns out that you won't have to wait too long to raze some Hell on your Nintendo Switch. That's because Doom will be released this November 10th, only a few short weeks from now. How's it look? Based on the video below, good and it seems to play jus…
      - 25 mins ago 16 Oct 17, 9:11pm -
    • nou#MeToo becomes a rallying cry for survivors of sexual assault
      Yesterday, a campaign geared towards demonstrating just how common sexual assault and harassment are began to spread on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Alongside the hashtag #MeToo, women began posting their own stories of harassment in response to.…
      - 47 mins ago 16 Oct 17, 8:49pm -
    • nouA 747 'Supertanker' rains retardant on California's wildfires
      A converted Boeing 747-400 used to fight fires is a great example of old technology reborn with a new purpose. The aircraft, the largest passenger model in Boeing's jumbo lineup, first entered service with Japan Airlines in 1991. After being converte…
      - 1 hour ago 16 Oct 17, 8:30pm -
    • nouThe encryption many major companies rely on has a serious flaw
      Researchers at Masaryk University in the Czech Republic uncovered a major security vulnerability in RSA keys generated by Infineon Technologies-produced chips. These chips are used in products manufactured by Acer, ASUS, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, LG, Sams…
      - 1 hour ago 16 Oct 17, 8:15pm -
    • nouOrigin's NT-15 Quadro is a slim laptop with pro video-editing power
      I'm obsessed with lightweight, discrete graphics laptops, especially models that excel at video editing and 3D. So when I first saw Origin's 4.3-pound NT-15 Quadro, equipped with an Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor and NVIDIA professional-level Quadro.…
      - 2 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 8:00pm -
    • nouTelegram fined after refusing to provide user data to Russia
      Back in June, we reported on the struggles that messaging app Telegram was having with the Russian government. Russia asked Telegram to hand over confidential user data because it claimed terrorists have been using the service to plan attacks. Now, t…
      - 2 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 7:41pm -


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    • Ark: Survival Evolved just got a big update on PC.
      Ark: Survival Evolved just got a big update on PC. It includes underwater bases, aquatic creature breeding, teleporter pads, and a total inventory overhaul. It also adds four new creatures, one of which is an ancient horse. That is to say, an ancest…
      - 1 Apr 17, 4:12am -
    • YouTube's Latest Advertising Changes Have People Worried About Money
      Last week, big advertisers such as AT&T pulled ads from YouTube, in reaction to being matched with content that was deemed racist or inappropriate. YouTube has since said they are fine-tuning how people make money on YouTube in general, but content c…
      - 1 Apr 17, 3:00am -
    • Spontaneous Battlegrounds Friendship Ends In Tragedy, Revenge
      In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ default mode, it’s every person for themselves. That does not mean, however, that people don’t form alliances. It just means that they tend to end poorly, sometimes with tears.Read more...
      - 1 Apr 17, 2:02am -
    • A Southern California Tournament Curse Plagues Top Smash Bros. Players
      Call it a curse. Call it a jinx. Something is currently afflicting a series of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournaments. The Saga events are run by a group called 2GGaming in Southern California and are typically named after a player or players who ha…
      - 1 Apr 17, 1:09am -
    • Gizmodo Watch This Industrious Badger Bury an Entire Cow by Itself | Deadspin Coastal Carolina Suspe
      Gizmodo Watch This Industrious Badger Bury an Entire Cow by Itself | Deadspin Coastal Carolina Suspended Their Entire Cheerleading Squad And Won’t Say Why | Jezebel Fellow Dirt Bags: Turns Out It’s Okay If You Don’t Wash Your Legs | The Root Se…
      - 1 Apr 17, 12:32am -
    • Overwatch's Orisa Isn't Living Up To Expectations
      When Orisa first launched onto the Overwatch PTR, she felt like a formidable, deadly tank who could lead charges or back up her teammates in the worst of situations. Weeks later, after she’s landed on both console and in Competitive Mode, there’s…
      - 1 Apr 17, 12:30am -



    • nouResident Evil 7's new DLC is just what I wanted
      Capcom is lining up two Resident Evil 7 add-ons for December and I cannot wait.Both of them take place after the main story. Not a Hero will send players after Lucas Baker, so expect plenty of traps and taunting. It'll also let us punch the shit out…
      - 5 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 4:15pm -
    • nouStreet Fighter V's Zeku is looking pretty complex in this character guide
      Yesterday saw the announcement of the final season two DLC character for Capcom's Street Fighter V. It was of little surprise that it was, in fact, predicted character Zeku, master of Bushinryu and the tutor of Final Fight/Street Fighter star Guy.Wha…
      - 6 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 4:00pm -
    • nouOverwatch players, at all levels of skill, seem to be favoring Mercy right now
      OmnicMeta, among other data aggregate sites, have done a great job of collecting Overwatch data over the past year and a half or so.While most of these numbers should be taken with a grain of salt (tier lists, if you believe in the concept at all, s…
      - 6 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 3:30pm -
    • nouReview: Forza Motorsport 7
      Forza Motorsport 7 gives off a great first impression. Professional drivers introduce you to the various disciplines of racing while you get to reenact the crowning moments of their career. The game gives you an allotment of “mods” to boost the c…
      - 7 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 3:00pm -
    • nouDid You Know Gaming's new video looks at the Mario & Luigi series
      This weekend, Did You Know Gaming? returned with a new episode, looking at the Mario & Luigi series. The video is filled with trivia from the handheld games, particularly Superstar Saga, Partners in Time and Bowser's Inside Story.The video takes a lo…
      - 7 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 2:30pm -
    • nouNewest Black Panther trailer shows its claws
      By the success of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, the looks of Thor: Ragnarok, and this latest trailer for Black Panther, it seems Marvel is learning from their past mistakes and allowing their directors a bit more wiggle room within their tight…
      - 7 hours ago 16 Oct 17, 2:15pm -