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  • nouDota 2: Situația grupelor ESL One Katowice 2018
    Meciurile fazei grupelor competiției de Dota 2 din cadrul IEM Katowice 2018 au continuat cu eliminarea altor șase echipe: Natus Vincere, Team Kinguin, Mineski, OpTic Gaming, LGD Gaming și Infamous. Meciurile upper bracket ale grupei A: Meciuri…
    - 3 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 5:06pm -
  • nouCS:GO: Situația finală a primei faze a StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 4
    Prima fază a StarLadder i-League StarSeries Season 4 s-a încheiat, Renegades, Natus Vincere și mousesports fiind ultimele trei echipe calificate în playoff-uri. Iar situația definitivă a fazei ligii arată astfel: Dată fiind situația de ma…
    - 6 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 2:25pm -
  • nouRUINER la jumătate de preț pe Steam
    Reikon Games și Devolver Digital ne anunță că jocul lor de acțiune, Ruiner, este acum disponibil pentru descărcare la jumătate preț redus via Steam ! Timp de mai puțin de 35 ore poți descărca jocul la promoție, iar pentru cine dorește ș…
    - 10 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 9:47am -
  • nouFilmul Sonic the Hedgehog primește o dată fixă de lansare la cinema
    Paramount a confirmat că filmul Sonic the Hedgehog va debuta pe marile ecrane din 15 noiembrie 2019. Neal H. Moritz și Tim Miller vor fi producător respectiv producător executiv, iar Jeff Fowler va fi regizorul. Scenariul este scris de Pat Casey…
    - 10 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 9:42am -

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    • Bloodborne story trailer is typically moody
      PS4 exclusive due out on March 24. Bloodborne is just over a month away from launch and Sony has released a new Story trailer to whet your appetite for the ball-busting adventure from the makers of Dark Souls.Click here to read the full article
      - 21 Feb 15, 3:30am -
    • Final Fantasy 15: Episode Duscae gameplay video
      Over 40 minutes of new gameplay footage. Square Enix recently showed off the Final Fantasy 15 demo, Episode Duscae, in a live online stream for Japan, and below is a capture of the event.Click here to read the full article
      - 21 Feb 15, 2:28am -
    • Aganos arrives in Killer Instinct next week - trailer
      The last Season 2 character joins the fight. Aganos will become the latest character to join the Killer Instinct roster when he arrives next week.Click here to read the full article
      - 21 Feb 15, 1:41am -
    • The Order: 1886 - see the first 25 minutes
      And a launch trailer for good measure. The Order: 1886 released today, February 20, and if you're still on the fence we have two gameplay videos for you to check out.Click here to read the full article
      - 21 Feb 15, 12:46am -


      METAL GEAR SURVIVE is now available in its all-caps glory for Windows on Steam, offering an exploration and survival experience based on the Metal Gear Solid franchise. This launch trailer shows off...
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    • Warcraft III PTR Resumes
      Blizzard announces they have re-launced a Public Test Realm for Warcraft III, which now offers a new version 1.29 update for players of the RTS sequel to test. Rumors emerged last year that a remake...
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    • Fornite Season 3 Begins
      Epic tweets that the Fortnite servers are now back online, and season three is officially underway in their survival shooter. This originally rolled out a few hours ago, but the servers were taken...
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    • FINAL FANTASY XV Demo Next Week
      SQUARE ENIX announces the March 6th release of the Windows edition of FINAL FANTASY XV will be preceded by a playable demo, which is expected on Monday. The FINAL FANTASY Website has all the details...
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    • Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Officially Goes Free-To-Play
      It looked very much like Naughty Dog was going to serve up Uncharted 3's multiplayer for the free-to-play crowd earlier this week, and now we can call it official. Multiplayer content in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception has been carved out into its own…
      - 27 Feb 13, 8:00pm -
    • Gears Of War: Judgment Season Pass Detailed
      Gears of War: Judgment arrives on March 19, 2013 with a Season Pass in tow. Surprise! (try to act surprised) The "VIP Season Pass" will be available at launch for 1,600 MS Points (which translates to $20 in real life money), and it includes a number…
      - 27 Feb 13, 4:00pm -
    • The Walking Dead Will Continue Before Season Two Arrives
      It the wait for Telltale Games' second season of The Walking Dead is already feeling a little unbearable, then you'll be happy to hear that more is coming before the story proper picks up again. Story consultant Gary Whitta said as much in a recent c…
      - 26 Feb 13, 10:00pm -
    • Mass Effect 3: Reckoning DLC Detailed, Trailer Released
      The final multiplayer DLC pack for Mass Effect 3, called Reckoning, arrives today, February 26, 2013, and a new trailer is here to celebrate the occasion. BioWare livestreamed a look at the content a few days in advance of the release, and one NeoGAF…
      - 26 Feb 13, 8:00pm -
    • Need For Speed: Most Wanted DLC Launches Today
      If you're still playing Criterion Games' Need for Speed: Most Wanted and you love DLC, then today is going to be your FAVORITE. Electronic Arts just dropped three content packs on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live, amounting to a pair of car five-pac…
      - 26 Feb 13, 6:00pm -
    • Tomb Raider Reviewed By Conan O'Brien's Clueless Gamer
      Conan O'Brien's latest Clueless Gamer review for Tomb Raider might have just single-handedly set back the "sexism in games" conversation by 20 years. Watch the entire segment as if it's satire (since it is) and it hurts a little bit less. Conan seem…
      - 26 Feb 13, 3:55pm -


    • How We Soar – review
      Flight, thoughts and human experiences of the heart are presented in the colorful VR abstraction of How We Soar. This PlayStation VR exclusive from Penny Black Studios puts players on the back of a phoenix, sent off to travel through worlds from air,…
      - 7 Dec 16, 2:03pm -
    • Competitive robot combat gets a little more real with MekaMon AR game
      We’ve come a long way since the days of Atari 2600’s Combat! Competitive remote control robot combat gets amped with augmented reality in the new MekaMon experience. It’s videogaming meets remote control robots. After over three years of develo…
      - 26 Nov 16, 8:25pm -
    • 2016 Holiday Video Game Gift Guide
      It’s about that time to wrap up another year of gaming – and tear up the gaming goodness! Whichever platform you get your gaming fix from, 2016 delivers many new options. Now is the time to grab some great video game system bundles, amazing break…
      - 21 Nov 16, 2:28pm -
    • Pokémon GO Plus review
      The Pokémon GO Plus is an accessory now available to accompany your Pokémon GO gaming. The small bluetooth device is simple to use, featuring just one color-changing button on the face. It pairs up with an iPhone or Android phone and the Pokémon…
      - 17 Sep 16, 8:18pm -
    • Livelock game review
      Livelock Official website: Developer: Tuque Games Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment Release date: August 30, 2016 Available for PS4, Xbox One and PC Reviewed on PC (Steam) Following a cataclysmic event, corrupted AI machinery ov…
      - 30 Aug 16, 8:27pm -
    • Bring HoloGrid: Monster Battle to life with newly launched Kickstarter campaign
      Once a dream of Star Wars fans, gamers and Wookies, playing with tabletop holographic animated monsters is finally getting real. Monster-chess augmented reality gaming is just about here with HoloGrid: Monster Battle. Thanks to veteran visionar…
      - 4 May 16, 12:37pm -

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    • nouPodcast: What counts as a JRPG?
      You’d think we could agree on four simple letters. But nothing is ever straightforward on RPS podcast, the Electronic Wireless Show. This week the gang are talking JRPGs, or Japanese role-playing games to use some real words for human people. Does…
      - 1 hour ago 22 Feb 18, 7:00pm -
    • nouOrwell: Ignorance Is Strength resumes surveillance today
      Ignorance is strength, I’ve always said, though that never did get me out of doing my maths homework. Today it becomes our job to foster ignorance in Orwell: Ignorance In Strength, the follow-up to 2016’s Orwell: Keeping an Eye On You. Once again…
      - 1 hour ago 22 Feb 18, 6:52pm -
    • nouHave You Played… Mr T’s Alphabet Games?
      Have You Played? is an endless stream of game retrospectives. One a day, every day, perhaps for all time. Sorry to disappoint you, but Mr T’s Alphabet Games did not feature the gold-encrusted hero of the A-Team, teaching you how to navigate the let…
      - 3 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 5:30pm -
    • nouFinal Fantasy XV getting demo next week, also adding Gordon Freeman cosplay
      A proper playable demo of Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition is coming next week, containing the RPG’s first chapter, following the recent benchmark tool. A demo! In this day and age! Bless their hearts. Square Enix have talked a lot about wanting to…
      - 3 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 4:53pm -
    • nouStellaris Apocalypse enslaves and/or destroys the world today
      Paradox strategy games tend to be restrained, but seems the publisher-developer has tired of being a wallflower and now fully intends to do big, noisy explosions with the best of ’em. Apocalypse, out today, is a new expansion for their sci-fi 4X St…
      - 4 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 4:02pm -
    • nouColour-matching tile puzzler Dissembler flips out
      Ian MacLarty is very responsibly tidying all his colours away in his new puzzle game, Dissembler. He has splashed colour about with gay abandon before, sending poor Pip into a tizzy with the shifting colourbomb that is The Catacombs Of Solaris and sl…
      - 6 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 2:10pm -

    • nouHalf-Life returns in Final Fantasy 15 on PC
      Buy a Steam copy of the upcoming Final Fantasy 15 Windows Edition and you'll get to relive those hopes and dreams of ever seeing a shiny new Half-Life game.Put down your money for a copy and you'll unlock Gordon Freeman's "legendary" outfit at no ext…
      - 2 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 6:10pm -
    • nouXbox chief Phil Spencer: "Microsoft needed a reboot"
      Xbox boss Phil Spencer has delivered an impassioned speech on the need for inclusivity within the games industry and discussed how Microsoft's gaming division has evolved over recent years.The talk - which is embedded below and well worth a watch -…
      - 3 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 5:16pm -
    • nouNorway says Nintendo is breaking the law over eShop refund policy
      UPDATE 1.30pm: Nintendo has issued the following statement in response: "The operation of Nintendo eShop in Europe is fully compliant with European laws relating to the statutory rights of consumers."ORIGINAL STORY 11.00am: Norway has accused Nintend…
      - 4 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 3:40pm -
    • nouThe back catalogue of Zuntata, Taito's legendary house band, just hit Spotify
      Zuntata, Taito's legendary house band, has just seen a large part of its back catalogue hit Spotify, with some 3000 songs now available via the streaming music service. Zuntata have been going since the 80s, providing soundtracks for the likes of Bub…
      - 5 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 3:30pm -
    • nouSuper Mario Odyssey free update adds a new mini-game
      UPDATE 22/2/18: Super Mario Odyssey's free update is now available, adding a new mini-game, two snapshot filters (Coin and Neon) and three outfits as promised.Provided you've finished the story, Luigi will show up in each world (use your map if you c…
      - 8 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 11:57am -
    • nouWarcraft 3 gets a big update as remaster rumours swirl
      Blizzard has issued a major new patch to Warcraft 3 amid rumours the company is set to announce a remaster of the 16-year-old real-time strategy game.The update, which is live now on the Warcraft 3 PTR, makes balance adjustments to many of the heroes…
      - 9 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 10:58am -


    • nouGame Industry Pushes Back Against Efforts To Restore Gameplay Servers
      Kyle Orland reports via Ars Technica: A group of video game preservationists wants the legal right to replicate "abandoned" servers in order to re-enable defunct online multiplayer gameplay for study. The game industry says those efforts would hurt t…
      - 18 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 2:10am -
    • Researchers Develop Online Game That Teaches Players How To Spread Misinformation
      An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: Cambridge researchers have built an online game, simply titled Bad News, in which players compete to become "a disinformation and fake news tycoon." By shedding light on the shady practices, they…
      - 2 days ago 21 Feb 18, 5:30am -
    • Enthusiasts have Turned the Nintendo Switch into a Functional Linux Tablet
      An anonymous reader shares a report: A couple of weeks ago, the fail0verflow hacking collective showed a still image on Twitter of a Nintendo Switch booting Linux. They're one of a small handful of hacker teams who are teasing exploits of the Nvidia…
      - 2 days ago 20 Feb 18, 4:40pm -
    • Valve Bans Developer After Employees Leave Fake User Reviews
      An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Insel Games, a Maltese developer of online multiplayer titles, has been banned from Steam and had all its titles removed from Valve's storefront after evidence surfaced that it was encouraging em…
      - 8 days ago 14 Feb 18, 11:05pm -
    • German Authorities Are Considering a Ban On Loot Boxes
      Slashdot reader Qbertino writes: Heise reports that German authorities are examining loot boxes in video games and considering banning them in the country. Loot boxes might actually even violate laws against calls-to-purchase aimed directly towards m…
      - 11 days ago 11 Feb 18, 12:27pm -
    • Hackers Manage To Run Linux On a Nintendo Switch
      Romain Dillet reports via TechCrunch: Hacker group fail0verflow shared a photo of a Nintendo Switch running Debian, a distribution of Linux. The group claims that Nintendo can't fix the vulnerability with future firmware patches. According to fail0ve…
      - 12 days ago 10 Feb 18, 8:48pm - - Tech Tips HelpViews:337492600ratingsTime:03:56More inHowto & Style
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    • nouFortnite Season 3 Update Out Now; Here Are The Patch Notes
      A major new update for Fortnite has been released on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. It kicks off Season 3 for Battle Royale and makes a variety of improvements and additions to both that mode and the PvE Save the World component.Battle Royale now runs at 60…
      - 2 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 6:11pm -
    • nouWhat Is Bitcoin?
      You might be aware that GPU prices have skyrocketed in recent months. This is due in large part to the rise of cryptocurrencies, to which there are many. Bitcoin is the first and leading one, but what is Bitcoin? We're here to demystify the topic for…
      - 2 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 6:00pm -
    • nouHalf-Life's Gordon Freeman Comes To Final Fantasy 15 PC
      The excruciating wait for a new Half-Life game carries on with no end in sight. If all you care about is seeing protagonist Gordon Freeman in a new setting, Final Fantasy XV may be just the ticket, as Square Enix has announced a new limited-time prom…
      - 3 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 5:13pm -
    • nouSoulCalibur 6's Character Roster Adds Ivy and Zasalamel
      Bandai Namco has revealed Ivy and Zasalamel will be playable characters in SoulCalibur VI and released short gameplay trailers for them both. The two characters have been in previous entries, so their returns to the new PS4, Xbox One, and PC game wil…
      - 3 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 4:52pm -
    • nouFortnite Servers Go Offline Following Season 3 Launch [Update]
      Update: Epic has apologized for the downtime and announced that Fortnite's servers are back online. Along with that, you can now check out the new Season 3 content, including the latest Battle Pass, details of which are outlined below. The original s…
      - 3 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 4:48pm -
    • nouBond 25: Danny Boyle Is Working On The Script With Trainspotting Writer--Report
      Earlier this week, it was reported that the producers of the James Bond series had their sights set on Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle to helm the next 007 movie, which arrives next year. More details about Boyle's involvement have now emerg…
      - 3 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 4:41pm -


    • nouAirbnb rolls out luxury rentals and new benefits for users
      Airbnb is once again shaking up how its customers find and book accommodations. At a press conference in San Francisco's Masonic Auditorium on Thursday, the company unveiled a slew of new reservation and website features including new property types,…
      - 23 mins ago 22 Feb 18, 7:37pm -
    • nouFlying with a VR headset isn't as dorky as it sounds
      As a somewhat regular flyer, I had always been intrigued by the concept of wearing a head-mounted display for some immersive in-flight entertainment. However, I never really found the "cinema" part of existing "personal cinema" headsets pervasive at.…
      - 27 mins ago 22 Feb 18, 7:33pm -
    • nouGoogle faces lawsuit for firing critic of anti-diversity memo
      Google fired James Damore last year, in part, because of a leaked memo alleging that the company culture unfairly targeted white males and political conservatives. Now Google is being sued by a former employee who claims he was targeted for speaking.…
      - 44 mins ago 22 Feb 18, 7:16pm -
    • nouDiscord signs eSports pros to use its chat app
      Discord has become something of a gaming chat-app phenomenon lately, partnering with Spotify for in-chat soundtracks, adding video chat and screensharing and bringing verified official game channels to its service. Now the company plans to expand int…
      - 1 hour ago 22 Feb 18, 7:00pm -
    • nouLighthouse's AI-powered security camera is now shipping
      Lighthouse's intelligent 3D security camera was supposed to ship in September, but now it's finally available for purchase. The camera is priced at $299. At checkout, you can choose either a $10/month AI service plan (with a 90-day free trial) or a l…
      - 1 hour ago 22 Feb 18, 6:56pm -
    • nouAmazon may open up to six more automated stores this year
      Amazon may have opened its automated convenience store a year late, but it looks like it's been a pretty big success. Recode learned that the company plans on opening six more of its Amazon Go stores in 2018. It's not clear where these stores will be…
      - 2 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 6:14pm -


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    • Ark: Survival Evolved just got a big update on PC.
      Ark: Survival Evolved just got a big update on PC. It includes underwater bases, aquatic creature breeding, teleporter pads, and a total inventory overhaul. It also adds four new creatures, one of which is an ancient horse. That is to say, an ancest…
      - 1 Apr 17, 4:12am -
    • YouTube's Latest Advertising Changes Have People Worried About Money
      Last week, big advertisers such as AT&T pulled ads from YouTube, in reaction to being matched with content that was deemed racist or inappropriate. YouTube has since said they are fine-tuning how people make money on YouTube in general, but content c…
      - 1 Apr 17, 3:00am -
    • Spontaneous Battlegrounds Friendship Ends In Tragedy, Revenge
      In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’ default mode, it’s every person for themselves. That does not mean, however, that people don’t form alliances. It just means that they tend to end poorly, sometimes with tears.Read more...
      - 1 Apr 17, 2:02am -
    • A Southern California Tournament Curse Plagues Top Smash Bros. Players
      Call it a curse. Call it a jinx. Something is currently afflicting a series of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournaments. The Saga events are run by a group called 2GGaming in Southern California and are typically named after a player or players who ha…
      - 1 Apr 17, 1:09am -
    • Gizmodo Watch This Industrious Badger Bury an Entire Cow by Itself | Deadspin Coastal Carolina Suspe
      Gizmodo Watch This Industrious Badger Bury an Entire Cow by Itself | Deadspin Coastal Carolina Suspended Their Entire Cheerleading Squad And Won’t Say Why | Jezebel Fellow Dirt Bags: Turns Out It’s Okay If You Don’t Wash Your Legs | The Root Se…
      - 1 Apr 17, 12:32am -
    • Overwatch's Orisa Isn't Living Up To Expectations
      When Orisa first launched onto the Overwatch PTR, she felt like a formidable, deadly tank who could lead charges or back up her teammates in the worst of situations. Weeks later, after she’s landed on both console and in Competitive Mode, there’s…
      - 1 Apr 17, 12:30am -



    • nouNintendo Download: Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Plus
      Nintendo is really surprising me as we enter an era where games aren't taking that long to be ported or straight-up designed for the Switch. While a lot of its early offerings were ports of one, two, or three-year old games we're not getting primo s…
      - 7 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 1:30pm -
    • nouReview: The Fall Part 2: Unbound
      The first game in this series, The Fall, was a great sci-fi title with some major flaws which kept the experience from mass appeal. It followed the exploits of an AI named Arid, who was trying to save the life of her human companion. There was a huge…
      - 7 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 1:00pm -
    • nouWarcraft III, yes that one, gets widescreen support, a balance patch, and a dang tournament
      Warcraft III is a masterpiece, but over time it kind of just fell into a black hole of the various custom maps that it birthed, most notably DOTA and all of its ilk. And after nearly 16 years and some mild recent-ish updates, Blizzard has seemingly d…
      - 8 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 12:30pm -
    • nouKingdom Come and Bayonetta 2 make an impact in the UK Charts
      Later than usual this week, but thanks for stopping by to check out the latest happenings in the UK Charts. 2018 continues to push forward, as some of last year's big titles start to peak, making way for new (and new-to-this-generation) video games.D…
      - 8 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 12:00pm -
    • nouMario Odyssey's first big update arrives, brings us Luigi's Balloon World
      I got a lot of play out of Super Mario Odyssey in the base game, but now I might have to mess around with it a little more. Today marks the launch of update 1.2.0, which heralds in new snapshot filters, a slight change for the jump rope minigame (wh…
      - 9 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 11:00am -
    • nouNamco Bandai announce Ivy and Zasalamel for Soulcalibur VI
      Namco Bandai have announced two more characters ready to step onto the stage of history, as iconic aristocrat Ivy and man-of-many-rebirths, Zasalamel, are both coming to the roster of Soulcalibur VI.Ivy, one of the series most instantly recognisable…
      - 10 hours ago 22 Feb 18, 10:14am -