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  • nouGerman magazine leaks THQ Nordic's Biomutant
    An advertisement from a German gaming magazine (now archived on Reddit) has spoiled the announcement of a brand new open-world action RPG from THQ Nordic. Called Biomutant, the game features a post apocalyptic setting with anthropomorphic characters…
    - 22 hours ago 19 Aug 17, 8:30pm -
  • nouHot dogs are sandwiches
    Recently, Nintendo polled Switch users to settle the age-old question, “is a hot dog a sandwich?” It’s no secret where I stand on this issue, but I’m happy to report that 54% of voters made the right choice. That’s right people! A hot dog…
    - 23 hours ago 19 Aug 17, 8:00pm -
  • Risky Boots ready for action as Shantae DLC gets dated
    As tweeted by both WayForward Games and Shantae co-creator Matt Bozon, the campaign DLC for 2016's Shantae: Half-Genie Hero, will be setting sail in just 10 days, August 29 to be specific.The new DLC will see players take control of Shantae's arch-ri…
    - 1 day ago 19 Aug 17, 6:00pm -
  • PS4 Port Report: Zero Time Dilemma
    There was a time when the Zero Escape series seemed all but dead. After a stellar but quiet debut on the Nintendo DS, the series saw real success on the 3DS and Vita with Virtue’s Last Reward. That game, like its predecessor, sold well in the West…
    - 1 day ago 19 Aug 17, 4:00pm -
  • Weekend deals: $14 Sonic Mania, Final Fantasy PC sale
    On Tuesday those who had a hankering for another Sonic platformer got Sonic Mania for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4. PC gamers, fret not as the title is out on August 29 for $19.99 and it's cheaper. Bundle Stars has a 20% discount with a sta…
    - 1 day ago 19 Aug 17, 3:15pm -
  • Still terrifying
    - 1 day ago 19 Aug 17, 1:00pm -
  • Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma shifts its way to PS4
    The third and last entry in Kotaro Uchikoshi's critically acclaimed Zero Escape series has finally released on PS4. It is now available, both physically and on the PlayStation Store, at a retail price of $40. Zero Time Dilemma follows a cast of nin…
    - 2 days ago 18 Aug 17, 10:00pm -
  • Sonic Mania is all the proof I needed that Joy-Con need a D-pad
    I've been playing a lot of Sonic Mania over the past few days. It's nice that I'm enjoying a Sonic game in 2017, and even more delightful that I get to enjoy it on the Nintendo Switch. Sonic Mania does all the right things. The controls are tight,…
    - 2 days ago 18 Aug 17, 9:00pm -


  • nouCS:GO: Esports Championship Series Season 4 – detalii
    Lista participantelor la calificările regionale ale Esports Championship Series Season 4 a fost aproape definitivată, din fiecare regiune mai lipsind doar câte două echipe. Astfel că, deocamdată, conferințele arată după cum urmează: Este fo…
    - 8 hours ago 20 Aug 17, 10:45am -
  • nouCorsair, noul sponsor al ROX Tigers
    Echipa sud-coreeană de League of Legends, ROX Tigers, a obținut o sponsorizare din partea companiei americane Corsair. Din perspectiva acesteia, parteneriatul ar urma să-i faciliteze pătrunderea pe piața sud-coreeană. Iar în ceea ce privește…
    - 9 hours ago 20 Aug 17, 9:08am -
  • nouCS:GO: OpTic Gaming și-a format o nouă echipă
    Cu doi jucători în minus la echipa nord-americană, dar mai ales cu rezultate destul de slabe în ultimele luni, OpTic Gaming a anunțat formarea unei noi echipe, în totalitate europeană. Noul lot este format din jucători care recent au fost nev…
    - 24 hours ago 19 Aug 17, 7:00pm -
  • nouTransferurile din eSport
    NRG eSports, o altă echipă cu lotul încomplet, îl va transfera de la echipa bulgară Outlaws pe jucătorul Cvetelin “CeRq” Dimitrov.  NRG eSports se află în patru oameni de la sfârșitul lunii iulie, atunci când Peter “ptr” Gurney a…
    - 24 hours ago 19 Aug 17, 6:59pm -
  • FC Lokomotiv Moscova a intrat în eSports
    FC Lokomotiv Moscova, unul dintre cele mai cunoscute cluburi de fotbal din Federația Rusă, a intrat în eSports prin formarea unui parteneriat cu echipa de League of Legends M19. Aceasta nu este, totuși, prima experiență cu eSport-ul a clubului…
    - 1 day ago 19 Aug 17, 5:59pm -
  • Transferurile din eSport
    Echipa braziliană SG e-sport a făcut prima modificare de componență de la înființarea ei, prin scoaterea din echipă chiar a căpitanului Emilano “c4t” Ito. SG e-sports este o echipă relativ nouă, fiind înființată în noiembrie anul…
    - 1 day ago 19 Aug 17, 5:59pm -
  • Cele mai bine premiate competiții ale anului…de până acum
    Au trecut deja opt luni și ceva din acest an, timp în care a avut loc un număr foarte mare de competiții. Dintre toate, doar câteva au avut fonduri de premii ce au trecut pragul de 500,000-600,000 de dolari. Acestea sunt: Evident, aceasta este d…
    - 2 days ago 18 Aug 17, 3:30pm -
  • Dota 2: OG rămas în patru oameni

    - 2 days ago 18 Aug 17, 2:30pm -


  • nouNew Board Game Monster Slaughter Let's You Be The Bad Guys
    So here's a board game that you probably would absolutely love. It's called Monster Slaughter and it's from board game developer Ankama. What makes it so special? Well, it puts you in the role of an overseer of monsters, controlling a group of the cr…
    - 52 mins ago 20 Aug 17, 5:39pm -
  • nouBig Brother 19 Live Feed Spoilers: Who Won The Veto?
    There's a pecking order in the Big Brother house in Season 19. The same could probably be said about other seasons, but this summer the order seems almost a done deal, and mostly immune to twists.
    - 1 hour ago 20 Aug 17, 5:20pm -
  • nouPokemon Gold And Silver Is Coming Back To Stores, Get The Details
    Nintendo's Pokemon cash cow continues to generate interest and hype for the company even when it's just older games being re-released. In fact, that's exactly what's happening with the retail iterations of Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver, both of whi…
    - 17 hours ago 20 Aug 17, 1:06am -
  • nouStar Wars: Battlefront 2's New Trailer Has Been Leaked
    Ahead of the official trailer reveal during GamesCom this weekend, a new starfighter trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront 2 went up early, leaking online. In an attempt to get out ahead of the leak, Electronic Arts officially released the trailer on it…
    - 17 hours ago 20 Aug 17, 1:04am -
  • nouA New Jason Is Coming To Friday The 13th
    Even though there have been criticisms and backlash over the way Friday The 13th: The Game has been handled by Illfonic and Gun Media, the developers are still intent on adding in new content, including a brand new playable Jason Voorhees who will be…
    - 19 hours ago 20 Aug 17, 12:01am -
  • nouReCore Is Getting A Definitive Edition
    If you missed out on the Xbox One exclusive action game ReCore when it launched last year, you're being given a second chance thanks to a recently leaked Definitive Edition of the game.
    - 19 hours ago 19 Aug 17, 11:57pm -
  • nou5 Fun Things To Know About The Solar Eclipse
    The Great American Eclipse of 2017 is on its way. Need a science refresher? Want some eclipse superstitions? Get the details here.
    - 19 hours ago 19 Aug 17, 11:33pm -
  • nouTwitch Is Hosting A Starcade Marathon
    If you're in the mood for some classic arcade action, then you'll want to tune into the Shout Factory Twith feed in a couple of weeks. From Aug. 28 to Sept. 3, they'll be marathoning the entire run of the popular 1980s game show, Starcade, which pitt…
    - 19 hours ago 19 Aug 17, 11:19pm -

  • How We Soar – review
    Flight, thoughts and human experiences of the heart are presented in the colorful VR abstraction of How We Soar. This PlayStation VR exclusive from Penny Black Studios puts players on the back of a phoenix, sent off to travel through worlds from air,…
    - 7 Dec 16, 2:03pm -
  • Competitive robot combat gets a little more real with MekaMon AR game
    We’ve come a long way since the days of Atari 2600’s Combat! Competitive remote control robot combat gets amped with augmented reality in the new MekaMon experience. It’s videogaming meets remote control robots. After over three years of develo…
    - 26 Nov 16, 8:25pm -
  • 2016 Holiday Video Game Gift Guide
    It’s about that time to wrap up another year of gaming – and tear up the gaming goodness! Whichever platform you get your gaming fix from, 2016 delivers many new options. Now is the time to grab some great video game system bundles, amazing break…
    - 21 Nov 16, 2:28pm -
  • Pokémon GO Plus review
    The Pokémon GO Plus is an accessory now available to accompany your Pokémon GO gaming. The small bluetooth device is simple to use, featuring just one color-changing button on the face. It pairs up with an iPhone or Android phone and the Pokémon…
    - 17 Sep 16, 8:18pm -
  • Livelock game review
    Livelock Official website: Developer: Tuque Games Publisher: Perfect World Entertainment Release date: August 30, 2016 Available for PS4, Xbox One and PC Reviewed on PC (Steam) Following a cataclysmic event, corrupted AI machinery ov…
    - 30 Aug 16, 8:27pm -
  • Bring HoloGrid: Monster Battle to life with newly launched Kickstarter campaign
    Once a dream of Star Wars fans, gamers and Wookies, playing with tabletop holographic animated monsters is finally getting real. Monster-chess augmented reality gaming is just about here with HoloGrid: Monster Battle. Thanks to veteran visionar…
    - 4 May 16, 12:37pm -
  • Prepare for Ghostbusters gaming
    With the Ghostbusters film set to release on July 15, Activision has two ghost-busting filled games to bring the experience home, or on the road. For PS4, Xbox One and PC gamers the Ghostbusters game will be a third-person action RPG, supporting up t…
    - 15 Apr 16, 8:07pm -
  • The best gladiator games for mobile
    It’s always surprised me that gladiator arenas aren’t more prominent in gaming. So many games are focused on match-up brawling, tournament progression, player improvement, and now multiplayer. A major gladiator arena game seems like a natural fi…
    - 15 Apr 16, 3:12pm -


  • Observer review
    Bloober Team's Layers of Fear gave you a 19th century mansion in a state of continual, terrible reassembly, its furnishings switching places behind your back, its rooms expanding and contracting like the chambers of a heart. Observer gives you an ent…
    - 2 days ago 18 Aug 17, 7:00pm -
  • Undertale review
    Undertale is a game all about endings, so it's fitting that its console release comes towards the tail-end of one particular piece of hardware's life. If this is a finale of sorts for Sony's PlayStation Vita, then it's a wonderfully apt one - there's…
    - 2 days ago 18 Aug 17, 10:30am -
  • Agents of Mayhem review
    It's probably unfair to question the very reason for a game's existence, but with Volition's purple-hued Saints Row spin off, Agents Of Mayhem, it's hard to think of anything else.This is a game set in the Saints universe, with essentially none of it…
    - 3 days ago 17 Aug 17, 3:12pm -
  • Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review
    Sometimes it's good to take a step back. Naughty Dog's Uncharted games were conceived as lighthearted, almost flippant action spectaculars, as knowingly pulpy as their chief inspiration, Indiana Jones. But they ended up with baggage that Indy didn't.…
    - 3 days ago 17 Aug 17, 10:01am -
  • Matterfall review
    If Housemarque has proven anything in its 22 years crafting modern-day arcade classics, it's that it has exceptional taste in games. Super Stardust cribbed gleefully from Asteroids, while Super Stardust HD folded a little Robotron into the mix, and R…
    - 5 days ago 15 Aug 17, 1:00pm -
  • Nidhogg 2 review
    The original Nidhogg was a great example of minimalist elegance. Messhof's two-player competitive fencing game shaved the one vs one fighting game to its core with only two buttons (jump and attack) and a single game mode wherein each player ran towa…
    - 5 days ago 15 Aug 17, 10:11am -
  • Sonic Mania review
    There's an area in Sonic 2's Chemical Plant Zone that still has me clutching my chest when I think of it. Tucked towards the end of the second act is a shaft filled with moving blocks, sliding around in clumps of four to create a precarious series of…
    - 6 days ago 14 Aug 17, 6:00pm -
  • AMD Radeon RX Vega 56 review
    Years in development, the new Radeon RX Vega line is finally arriving - AMD's return to the higher-end of GPU performance after concentrating its efforts more on the mainstream and budget sectors of the market. There's no shortage of cutting-edge tec…
    - 6 days ago 14 Aug 17, 4:00pm -